Wednesday, January 23, 2013

I've Had About Enough of That

When my mom said that, I knew the clock on her patience was ticking. It was fair warning, so to speak. I haven't heard that little phrase in a long time, as I've long since learned the signs of testing her limits.

This morning, as I read the news, I heard that phrase and it startled me. It was in my own voice.

Did you hear? Michelle Obama's face registered an expression that might have been an eye roll after something John Boehner said? Who cares? So what? I've had about enough of that.

Paul Ryan didn't like everything the President said in his speech? The president is a 'liberal'? (gasp!) Yes. But Paul Ryan also said it was important to be there because he believes in the peaceful and respectful transfer of power. Hey - anyone going to put that clip on the news? No? I've had about enough of that.

Wayne LaPierre believes that the President's inaugural address reflected a hypocrisy, of sorts, in that it called upon the Declaration and the Constitution for inspiration but, LaPierre believes, the President's stance on gun violence is an attack on rights those documents protect. "Words do have meaning, Mr. President" LaPierre said, "And those meanings are absolute..."  Is that right? Ever heard of an amendment? I've had about enough of him.

I'll say again, our forefathers did not have either the right to bear arms against their rulers nor the assualt and mass-killing machines we're producing today and we still won. We won. We won, dressed as farmers and bakers and blacksmiths.  You do not need an AK-anything to win anything. You don't and we can all be reasonable about this issue. I'm tired of hearing otherwise. In fact, I've had about enough of that.

I have an awful lot of conservative family and friends. I love them, adore them, invite them to my house, hug them, eat and laugh with them. I kiss their babies and send them Christmas cards. They are my children's teachers and my cousins and my co-workers. We have a laugh every once in a while when we traverse over common ground and meet at our points of disagreement. So what? We disagree. So what?

A house divided cannot stand. A great Republican said that, and he was right. I agree with him.

The only way we can change the frenzy over the few things that divide us is if we stop giving it attention - positive or negative. Stop watching those shows. Stop responding to those articles. Stop re-posting that garbage on Facebook. Stop, stop stop. I don't want to hear any more of it because none of it fixes anything. What fixes things is working together, giving a little even if you don't like it. Hell - all the married people in this country ought to have that figured out. If someone says something you disagree with or think is a little antagonistic - let it the hell go! Let it go! Still work with that person, still try to meet that person halfway - try to meet him 60% of the way. Try for the love of God and country, try!

The failure to do so leaves us right where we are. And I've had about enough of it.

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