Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Springing Forward Not as Easy as it Seems

Sounds innocent enough. Just set your clocks ahead one hour and then thrill in the extra daylight that little effort brings. Mmmmm. Sunshine on my face. Love it!

It's been two days and my eyelids are so mad at me they've packed their things and are heading south. My back is in permanent revolt and for some reason, my appetite is taking it out on my thighs. A gal just can't win.

What's more - it's been cloudy and stormy here ever since the time change. The scant moments of sunshine we've experienced have been overwhelmed by long periods of grey, grey gloom. It's the climate equivalent of celebrating the inauguration for one night and then being Chinese-water-torture-method-ed with six long weeks and dozens of tawdry cable stations drip-dropping proclamations of doom. Enough already!

I'm longing to 'spring'. There're tulips in my heart, truly. I'm feeling very pastel-colory and I'd like to wear something peach without looking like the 'you are here' symbol on a mall map in any crowd. It's bad enough my hair stands out like the coif equivalent of one of those electricity balls that you put your hands on in Sharper Image or Brookstone. (Are either of those still around??)

So why is Mother Nature making the joyous leap towards spring so difficult? My guess - she's miffed with her friend, The Economy, for taking all the shine off of her latest production, "Global Climate Change" - the sequel to the best-selling "Global Warming". The thing about The Economy is that he's just so garish about it - drowning banks and dumping jobs by the hundreds of thousands. No finesse in that. Try melting an ice cap over thousands of years... now that! That takes talent. And then there's always the need to compete with The War for attention. He's one heckuva survivor. You'd think false premises and no moral justification would have ended him but - no! What's a sister got to do, for heaven's sake? I mean - when a tsunami doesn't get and keep your attention for more than a season - a Mother just has to shake her head.

So I understand her frustration. And despite the mud and mire in which my 'spring forward' has found itself, I'm going to do everything I can to help Mother Nature fully reach and enjoy her bloom-to-be. Today, I'm wearing beige and black - tomorrow? Peach baby. I'm going to pull the leaves out of my flower bed so the tulips can rise again. I'm going to decorate for Easter early - just so I can put pink paper flowers in my windows. And I'm going to relish the rain that will green the grass and grow trees and bear fruits.

Spring is, indeed, in the air. I guess it just depends on how you look at it. Now if I could just get my eyes to stay open.

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