Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Depressions, Recessions and Dow Points - Oh my!

Seriously? When are we going to quit this already? I've grown weary of the down. No need to practice our worry and fret. It's been at its best for a while now. Let's do something different, shall we?

Yesterday, I was all about the gladness that the wrestlemania version of opposition conversation seemed to be showing battle fatigue. When I got home, I found out that my giddiness should have been twice its volume (as if in my case that would ever be possible) because the Dow had done an upward dance and, for the time being, rightness had returned to the world.

That was the economic lifetime equivalent of a nooner. Because by today, the giddy had to make way for the somber again. The sun hid all day. The clouds loomed. And the whisper of news around the office was that the Dow had once again taken a skinny.

Yesterday, the gals around here were smiling and chatting, the fellows were semi-strutting and doing that man-brag thing about nothing in particular, it was shiny and bright all 'round. Today, boo-hoo, we're all the conversational equivalents of muted tones - beige and grey, beige and grey.

Oh BLABBERSHMABBER. I've had it with that!. Could we string two pink days together in a row? Please? Today's not so different from yesterday. We all still have our relative health. We are strong and beautiful and smart and funny. Some of us are incredibly charming. Others... not so much... but I'm off-topic.

I firmly believe we're responsible for establishing our own sense of happiness. Haven't you seen those documentaries where people living in the most degrading and despicable conditions are smiling and laughing and loving one another? We don't have nearly the problems we invent in our own minds so why, why, why must we be so morose all the time? Is that the new American spirit - woe is me? No way. Not for me.

I'm excited. I'm awake. I'm at it. Granted, I'm on my 2nd diet cola and I did have some coffee this morning but that's not the point. The point is, we have to get our acts together and resolve to get happy. Get positive. Get up and dance!

The Wizard of Oz dealt with some pretty weighty subjects - natural disasters, bad shoe choices, the relative loneliness of homosexual lions - but the end result was a happy one. We're dealing with some pretty hefty themes in real life right now. But we can find some happiness, something to sing about, some joy to bring us to the other side.

So get happy. Please. Or I'm going to start singing and y'all just don't want that.

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