Thursday, November 5, 2015


Don't go, sweet bean. I don't think I can bear a day without you, or at least the promise of you. I know I should be strong but I'll just have to confess now and for all that my strength is tethered to you, and the further you go the weaker I become.

Please go, sweet pea. Adventure as far and as wide as your sight can take you. Look back only to smile and wave and keep going, breathing that air, high and wild as you should be because this is what you worked for and you so, so deserve it.

Don't go, my baby. I can't keep pretending I'm whole. I was in pieces until you arrived so full and complete and mine that you became my wishes and my wishes became real. Don't take my wishes.

Please go, my angel. For all that you have given your turn has come and now your wishes must be made true, so you can see I never lied, I never wanted anything for you but your own joy.

And go and go and go and seek always to be a happy soul. That is what I did, over rolls and tumbles and times of sleep away from my self until I came here. And here you are. And now you go.

Sad and sweet for me and good for you.

You go.

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