Friday, November 13, 2009

Can't Be Completely Original Every Day

Some days, it is better to borrow someone else's words, isn't it? This, from the lovely Miss Sara:

As I Go To My Mother

As I go across the

Valley of blossoms

I see the nature of leaves

Coming to me

I feel the cold and chilly

Breeze of fall

And how I wish

I had some nice crispy pumpkin pie

I jitter my fingers upon my toes

So soothing

I could feel my mother

Call me

So Softly

As I could feel her in my heart

As I sit upon a sturdy branch

Waiting for my mother

Running to get me

I feel the soothing dreams

I scooped out all of my


And run to my

Beloved mother

From Sara to Mommy

Not to leave a good weep unpaid, I will reply to my treasure with the following.

I Go Because

I run to you

Because I'm lost

When you are away

I am brash and foolish

When I don't


You are my reason and center

My soul

The cool breeze carries my wishes

To soothe you, surround you

Sweeten your sit

Upon the sturdy branch

Until I can come

And draw you into me

Gentle, Soft, Kind


I Go Because You Are

My Baby

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